Just a Coffee, please


'Just a Coffee, please' is a non-fiction graphic novel, illustrating the journey that coffee takes to get to your cup. From growing coffee plants, harvesting the cherries and extracting the seeds, to roasting, releasing the aromas and flavours, to brewing the perfect cup of coffee; this comic explores the hard work involved in producing coffee from start to finish.

It is easy to feel disconnected from the origins and processes it takes to produce things we sometimes take for granted. ‘Just a Coffee, please’ aims to draw attention to the true cost of coffee.

Copies are for sale in my Etsy shop here.

If you run a coffee shop or roastery and would like to stock come copies of the comic, please get in touch! They're a perfect read alongside a cup of coffee, a useful & accessible visual aid in coffee education, and really make you appreciate the value in every sip.

Risograph printed (3 colours) by Footprint Workers Co-operative, Leeds. Photography by Jacob Lucas.