In autumn last year I ran a couple of sketchbook drawing workshops, before it got a bit too cold to be outside drawing! Looking back, it’s got me excited to run more workshops, and I’ve got lots of ideas for future sketchbooking sessions.

Sketching whilst outside on a walk or at a location is all about observing and capturing the place around you. It often takes the form of drawing in a sketchbook, recording things you see straight from life onto paper. Urban sketching is great for boosting your observation skills and mindfulness, as well as being a thoroughly enjoyable and low-fuss way to try a new creative activity.

A sketchbook and a set of paints, with a hand adding colour to a sketch with a paintbrush. A sketchbook open on a drawing of some buildings, with a hand holding a paintbrush painting a blue background.
Sketching workshop participants adding washes of watercolour paints to their sketches.

I provide all the materials needed for a sketching session, including ink pens, pencils, watercolour paints, water brushes, markers, and of course a sketchbook which you can take home to continue your artwork later.

The technique I usually demonstrate is ‘Line and Wash’ - sketching first with ink lines, and then adding a light wash of watercolour paint over the top. You’re by no means limited to any technique yourself though, so please bring along any other materials you enjoy using too!

In these sketching workshops we started off by making our own sketchbooks, using a simple folded concertina technique. It’s nice to have all your sketches together in a handmade book, as a record of the day to take home!

We then did a series of fun warm-up activities to loosen up, such as drawing with our non-dominant hands, continuous line drawing, and blind drawing (which involves only looking at the subject matter and not down at your paper - harder than it sounds!)

These little activities are great for taking the pressure off before we venture outside to sketch on location. My local area is jam packed with natural areas and scenery, but there’s always something interesting to draw wherever you are. All sessions are chilled out, and you can draw whatever takes your fancy in whatever style you enjoy - but I’m always happy to lend a hand or demonstrate any techniques you are interested in.

A sketchbook spread held up against a scene of trees and buildings, which have been sketched in the book. A sketchbook with an ink and watercolour drawing of a pumpkin, with some hands holding a paintbrush next to it.
Some sketchbook spreads drawn by sketch walk participants, using ink lines and watercolour paints.

As spring is now approaching I’d love to run some more outdoor sketching workshops, maybe seasonally themed - there’s so much to draw at this time of year! Also, I’d love to run indoor sessions too - maybe some informal drink & draw sketchbook club sessions somewhere local to me. Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear about new workshop plans!

If your company, event or organisation would like to book me to run a sketchbook session, please get in touch!