This year I decided to participate in Hourly Comics Day, a challenge where comic artists and illustrators draw what they are doing each hour of the day. It landed mid week so it was just a work day for me, and honestly not much going on, so it's not the most riveting read but good practise making comics for me!

7am: 'Usually tea but lately we got an Aeropress (makes 10/10 coffee). Very much a morning person!' 8.30am: 'Peaceful...' (sea swimming)
10-11am: Listening to podcasts and working at my desk. 12pm: 'Working from home = temptation to eat all day long' (looking in fridge)
4.30pm: 'I can't resist a photo of the sky when the clouds are pink at sunset' 6pm: 'I have like 50 of those little jars of spices' (cooking)

This was my first time doing hourly comics so I just did very quick panels - maybe next year I'll plan more and create more of a narrative, but it was fun to try out this format!