Coffee Roastery Tour

I went for a tour of a Coffee Roastery to research & make sketches for my upcoming illustrated comic about coffee.

Travel Sketchbook Tour

Travel sketchbook spreads from my interrailing holiday around Europe. Observational drawings sketched on location, documenting my holiday - places I went, food I ate, sights I saw.

Sketching 'Shrooms - Collaboration with Merryhill Mushrooms

Sketches of mushrooms grown from a home mushroom growing kit. I documented the process of growing edible mushrooms and working on a freelance illustration collaboration project.

How to make a simple sketchbook - 3 ways!

Step-by step instructions for 3 easy ways to make a simple sketching using only one sheet of A3 or A4 paper.

Sketchbook Workshops at Koda Coffee

Sketchbook drawing & illustration workshops in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Learn observational drawing and urban sketching with line and wash techniques, plus make your own sketchbook.

Drawing Prompts - Printable Fortune Teller

Printable fortune teller paper craft sheet, including drawing prompts, timings and twists to challenge yourself & improve your drawing skills!

Sketch Walk Workshops

A look at some of the sketchbook drawing workshops I have run in the past, trying out new drawing techniques and having fun with mindful sketching activities.

Drawing Materials

Art materials I use for urban sketching, and drawing on location outdoors. I talk about my favourite sketchbooks, ink pens, markers, watercolour sets and pencils.

How to create a repeat pattern using Procreate (iPad)

How to make a seamless repeating pattern tile using Procreate on the iPad. A step-by-step tutorial with screenshots to guide you through the process, turning your illustrations into a surface pattern design.